J-litter Rhodesian Ridgeback were born in our kennel on February 3, 2017.

​10 puppies: 6 boys and 4 girls.

9 standard puppies and 1 pet puppy (kinked tail).

​Tatoo: AEF 9439-9448.


Photos of puppies: the first week old

Puppies 2 weeks old

Puppies 3 weeks old

Puppies 4 weeks old

Puppies 5 weeks old

Puppies 6 weeks old

Puppies 8 weeks old

Puppies 10 weeks old

Pedigree of J-litter


Sire: MAKAO LINE WILD WIND (Vanya) - is a very strong male with an excellent anatomy, bright color, smooth topline, good croup, thigh wide, deep and full chest, strong nerve system and friendly character.

Vanya born from a mating of International Champion (16 CACIB), Multi Champion (Champion 8 countries), World Winner-2016, European Winner-2015, Junior World Winner-2012 MAKAO LINE ATUIN ART and Champion of Russia ARESVUMA REMBA ALEKSANDRA.



Interchampion (C.I.B)
Junior Champion of Russia
Junior Champion of Estonia
Champion of Russia
Champion of RKF
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of Belarus
Champion of Slovenia
Prize-Winner of Russia-2014 (2 х R.CAC)
Class Winner of Russia-2015 (CW, CAC)
HD - A/A, ED - 0/0
DM - N/N, D-locus - D/D, B-locus - B/b, JME - N/n
68 cm, full dentition, correct scissor bite


More info about Vanya's parents
Photo gallery of Vanya


Dam: RED HOT LINE FANI TEGA FOR ELE TORI (Fani) - is a bright color, elegant,very energetic and cheerful female with strong topline, deep and full chest, excellent balanced movement, strong nerve system and friendly character.

Fani born from a mating of International Champion, Multi Champion, imported from Canada GLENAHOLM TAARIQ and International Champion, Multi Champion (Champion 14 countries), European Winner-2014 (Veterans) PODAROK IZ AFRIKI BARRA JOY.

Vice European Junior Winner-2013 (Switzerland)
Junior Champion of Russia
Junior Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Champion of Georgia
Junior Champion of Azerbaijan
Champion of Russia
HD - A/A, ED - 0/0
DM - N/N, D-locus - D/D, JME - N/N
63 cm, full dentition, correct scissor bite


More info about Fani's parents
More info about Fani


We gotten wonderful puppies from these parents in 2015 year and decided to repeat it.

You can see pictures of puppies from these parents at various ages in the sections "D-litter 2015".


Puppies from J-litter:

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

male, blue ribbon

Ele Tori Jamadari Simba (Simba) - "the brave leader"

Moscow (Russia)

tatoo AEF 9439

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

male, light-blue ribbon

Ele Tori Jabari Halisi (Bari) - "real hero"

Saratov (Russia)

tatoo AEF 9440

Candidate for Junior Champion of Russia, BIS Junior

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

male, lilac ribbon

Ele Tori Jukumu Murua (Zeus) - "important promise"


tatoo AEF 9441

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

male, green ribbon

Ele Tori Jasiri Sahibu (Sabu) - "courageous friend"

Moscow (Russia)

tatoo AEF 9442

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

male, red ribbon

Ele Tori Jumba Haki (Jack) - "the stronghold of justice"

Moscow (Russia)

tatoo AEF 9443

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

male, black ribbon

Ele Tori Jambo Tukizi (Jambo) - "a rare case"

Samara (Russia)

tatoo AEF 9444

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

female, pink ribbon

Ele Tori Jamali Nadira (Dira) – "the extraordinary beauty"

Budapest (Hungary)

tatoo AEF 9445

Junior Champion of Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Derby Winner Slovakia-2018, Derby Winner Hungary-2018, Champion of Croatia, Romania, Candidate for Champion of Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Candidate for International Champion
13 x CACIB, 7 x BOB, 11 x BOS, BIG-1, 4 x BIG-2, BIG-3, R.BIS Junior, R.BIS Puppy

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

female, orange ribbon

Ele Tori Johari Shani (Shani) - "precious miracle"

Moscow (Russia)

tatoo AEF 9446

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

female, yellow ribbon

Ele Tori Jahara Nadhari (Tara) - "clear gaze"

Varkaus (Finland)

tatoo AEF 9447

Champion of Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Candidate for International Champion

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

female, light green ribbon

Ele Tori Jua Kutoka (Maya) - "rising sun"

Moscow (Russia)

tatoo AEF 9448