(Podarok iz Afriki Indra Lord of Sky x Ele Tori Abeo Shani)

Ele Tori Gurufa Ajali (Jali)Ele Tori Gurufa Ajali (Jali)

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D.O.B. 27.04.2015

66 cm, 39 kg

Full dentition, correct scissor bite

HD - A/A, ED - 0/0

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - genotyp N/N (clear, not carrier)

D-Locus (Dilution) - genotyp D/D (clear, not carrier)

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) - genotyp N/N (clear, not carrier)


Junior Champion of Russia

Champion of Russia

Prize-winner of World Dog Show-2016

Prize-winner of IDS "Eurasia-2017"

Champion of RFLS, RFSS

BIS puppy-1, 4 х Best Junior, 6 х BOB, BIG-2, 2 x BIG-3


Jali is not only a smart, beautiful, stately and very cheerful dog, she also a real extreme traveler, a worthy companion for her super-energetic owner Kseniya who is the organizer of extreme tours.
Jali is accompanied Kseniya almost always and everywhere: together they traveled thousands of kilometers by car, flown a plane, ridden on a boat, lived in tents, went mountain visited the waterfalls and cliffs, have rafting, raced on the ski slopes, lift on the mountain-skier chairlift, visited many seminars with hundreds of participants.
Jali has an excellent stable psyche and friendly character, anywhere and in any neighborhood it's easily with her, she responds positively to everything and everyone: to new places, strangers, children and animals.
​When Jali was already an adult - to her house accidentally wandered a little kitty, and she accepted it with love and affection and became a true friend to the cat. And then, after some time, she with care and love helped to raise kittens. :)



Offspring of Jali: I-litter 2018